Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Stuff for a Sunny Day

After months, and months of rain. Oh? It's only been days? Well it feels like months.

Anyway, how to spend a Friday evening::

1. Make your new favorite sandwich for dinner on the deck. Mine's egg salad with diced radishes and a bit of Maille mustard.

2. After the sandwich is reduced to crumbs, stay out on the deck and work on a little knitting:: This is the famous February Baby Sweater from EZ {found in the Knitter's Almanac}. It's my go-to baby sweater. I tried to spread my wings and find another lacy baby sweater that I liked, but in the end went back to my fav. This time I'm mixing it up and rather than using buttons, I made little eyelets in the second increase row and am going to weave a ribbon through for a closure.

3. No picture for this. BEFORE going home, remember to stop by your favorite liquor store and pick up the supplies for sidecars.


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