Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Calder, Ca$h, and I took a ride home this weekend and spent Saturday watching the soupie making process from the beginning, where they're stuffed and cured, to the ultimate grand finale, where they're judged in the local Soupie Bowl. Soupies, short for Soppressatta, are a cured sausage that is made in the basements and garages throughout the coal region, and someday soon, I'll give you a detailed account of the whole process.

Between making soupies in the morning and watching the competition, Ca$h and I went exploring the woods, finding lots of old treasures along the way::

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sarah schu said...

The soupie bowl looked like it was a good time! How the heck did you end up going to that? I love your posts, I'm going to sound like mom here, *it would be nice to have more than one each week ;) *
Ps. I Love, Love, Love that you have a beautiful hound dog.