Monday, January 23, 2012

The Weekend

My last post was last Monday when I told you about last weekend.

Well wouldn't you know, another Monday rolled around, so it's time for a Weekend update. We woke up to snow on Saturday! That meant hopping in van and driving through the woods to get to the nearest slopes. For Calder it also meant tolerating my requests to !stop! when I saw some cows in the snow:: And now it's raining. again.

Back home that evening, C cooked up something delicious for dinner. I don't remember what it was, but I remember where Ca$h was:: Notice we've kept our little village up. It's become our winter village, and it probably won't come down until the daffodils bloom! The little bird house village is still going strong too.

And then on Sunday, I did a bit of baking. Remember when I mentioned that my grapefruit marmalade wasn't setting? Well it never did set, so I was left with jars or grapefruit syrup. We thought it'd be fun to add a citrus slant to a chocolate layer cake {think about how good a chocolate orange tastes, now imagine grapefruit}.
The grapefruit syrup spread beautifully, even soaking into the lower layer a bit making it extra moist, and it was fun surprise to get a bit of zest in your bite.

Happy Monday*

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lynn said...

I love your photo of the cows in the snow. Am trying hard not to think about how delicious the chocolate cake looks. Watching my calories in this new year.