Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Goods.

Christmas morning was an embarrassment of homemade riches around these parts.

My mom finished up Calder's stocking just in time for filling:: When it came to picking his stocking image, it was a no brainer ~ he loves his bike, but then we got a bit slap happy and decided to add "bang boom crash" as a silly reference to the spills he's taken over the years. You can see the rest of the family stockings in this post.

After our old barn fell in the "great barn debacle of 2010", we were left with a whole pile of beautifully-aged barn wood. You may remember that some of it was used to make our wedding signs. My pop got crafty with the old wood in his new barn and workshop, and built birdhouses and feeders for all of the kids with yards:: {picture of the bird feeder to come, it's too awesome to not make an appearance on the blog}

And then there were the kitchen potions from sisters::C's sister gifted us some homemade beet and ginger chutney. My sister cooked up pumpkin spice syrup {great for some pumpkin spice cappuccinos}, apple cider syrup {mixed with hot water it's a perfect winter evening drink}, and candy cane vodka {I'm sipping on a Kahlua-peppermint vodka drink right now!}. wow

I continued our annual photo book tradition ~ giving Calder the usual "year in review" book. In addition, we put together a cookbook/wedding album for the parents and grandparents.

Along with grooming it up, C planned the menu, and acted as head chef ~ prepping salads and side dishes the night before and grilling up the steaks and salmon during the reception. Needless to say, it was a treat to put this non-traditional wedding album together. Along with highlighting the groom in his apron, the book includes our menu, the readings from the wedding, and a whole pile of smiling {and costumed} guests::

For the ladies I put together earring hangers::

I replaced the frame's glass and backs with a piece of radiator cover cut to size and glued into place {hardware stores have a selection of designs}. To neaten up the back of the frames, and to further secure the metal, I glued some fun pink and white nylon rope around the opening.
Finally, I finished them off by adding a hook for hanging, and included a pair or two of dangly earrings with each frame!

And, of course, I knit. I knit, I gifted, and I forgot to take pictures. Let's save that fun for another day, I have a bird house to hang and some candy cane vodka to drink {at the same time}.

ps. We had a delicious Thai-Russian Christmas ~ on Tuesday I'll share the hot and spicy recipes that warmed up our house!

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sarah schu said...

I love this post! So full of Christmas fun, I feel like I didn't miss a beat. Can't wait to come hang at your house and look at the new books.