Friday, February 03, 2012

Hang Up 3!

Oy-oh-boy, The week got away from us!

Here's yesterday's hang up::

It's a new piece of art for the kitchen {the photo snapped quickly this morning with my phone}. I was searching for a piece of graphic word-art and fell in love with a few prints {like this one, and this one}, but I finally settled on a Storetry print from YeeHaw Press. I love that they describe the print as a series of rants ~ reading it makes me laugh and I feel like I'm reading excerpts from the script of a Coen Brothers movie. In the end this was the winning print, because I thought it'd make a great conversation starter/instigator when we're sitting around the table.

Of course, I really love "Lettuce turnip the beet", so I may have to make more room on the wall for that one!

And the hang-ups will continue into next week. Consider yourself warned.

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