Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday Soundtrack

Continuing with this week's self-imposed theme, hang up number two::

Strings! I was really excited to hang my violin and ukulele on the wall in the living room. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the ukulele was a Christmas gift that I'm still learning to play. I learned to play the violin in school, but never owned one of my own until a few Christmases ago when Calder gave me this beauty! Since I play both of them for fun, I thought they would get more action if they're easily available (rather than in the closet of the guest bedroom where they were hiding).

We bought these instrument-specific hangers and put them on the blank wall near our record player. Now we have a fun little music corner where you can grab an instrument, sit down, and play. C doesn't like a lot of clutter on his walls, but he gave hanging instruments on the wall a big thumbs up!

Now, on to the music, sort of. Just a bit of ukulele, Will Smith, and the MIB::

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sarah schu said...

Great idea with the instruments. I know I'm much more likely to use something if it's in plain sight.