Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Weekend Update!

A day late this week, but it's a doozy {our standards are not that high ~ give us a new toilet and we're happy!}.

This weekend included a bit of muffin-making:: I used the basic muffin mix from the King Author Flour cookbook {it's my go-to for baking}. I then tossed in some chocolate chips and fresh cranberries. It's the perfect after work/before gym snack. I only used half a bag of cranberries, so I cooked up the rest with some sugar and lemon peel, creating the perfect sweet-tart jam for the muffins!

My drinker of a mom took C and I took the liquor store on Saturday night where I picked up a few new treats:: ROOT, which is a birch beer-like concoction full of organic herbs and spices. During the Superbowl I downed a few Root, maple syrup, and soda water drinks. It was the perfect, alcoholic version of birch beer.

And Marshmallow Vodka!:: In our house, where fluff is king, this stuff is like gold. Using some vanilla ice cream and a dash of Kahlua I mixed up some fluff milk shakes for my mom and I.

There was a new toilet installation:: Yes, C is wearing his bike suit. I think he got dressed to go out on a ride, realized it was freezing, and decided that installing the toilet would be more fun!

And while he did that I was photographing our African violet. After a year the house it's finally blooming! As everyone says, it'a all about finding the right window.

Ooh, I also started a new knitting project and hung a few more things up around the house. More on that tomorrow!

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The Lake House said...

Hi Katie,
I have a new blog. Just put it up today and still need to spiff it up. I love that muffin recipe, too. You have endless options, just add whatever you're in the mood for, whether sweet or savory.
Love to you, C and your animal kingdom.