Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hang Up 4 ~

It's all about bedroom curtains today. Truth be told, the curtains were hung back in October when I made a push to finish decorating the bedroom. I never gave you a final tour, and looking at some old posts, I realized that the bedroom has come a long way. Today's shots will give you even more details...

The curtains are the Matilda variety from Ikea. I love them: they let light in and have a subtle bit of texture and pattern going on. BUT our bedroom window is in the middle of a big wall {we don't have any other art on the wall, and we want it that way}, so the white curtains on a creamy, white wall was looking a bit boring.

The fix ~ topping the curtains off with a panel of patterned fabric:: This was so easy, I wish it hadn't taken me 4 months to do it! Since the fabric wasn't as wide as the curtains, the most time consuming step was cutting and lining up the patterned fabric so that I had the length I needed. I also took some time to make sure that when you look at the seam between the curtain and the top panel, the panel's design begins at the same place on both curtains. Small stuff, but I wanted them to look good.

I picked the color to match the knobs that I added to the dressers:: Remember way back in this post when I mentioned that the dresser drawer pulls were broken? I had a hard time finding pulls that were large enough, looked good, and didn't break the bank. When I saw these flower knobs in Anthropologie, I knew I had a winner! We kept the pulls that were broken ~ putting them into the top drawer on each dresser, and then the lower drawers have flower pulls. With that little touch of brass in the flowers, they really look good together!

And the icing on the cake? C and I have a running joke about octopuses. I wanted to get him something with an octopus on it for Christmas {a shirt? pint glasses? artwork?}, but when I saw this pair of octopus pillow cases, I knew I had the perfect gift for him and me {selfish, I know}! I wanted them because they matched the knobs and the panel fabric {that was not yet sewn to the curtains, but I had plans}, and I knew he would get a kick out of them.

And there you have it, throw a plant in the corner, slap a headboard on the wall, and call that bedroom done!::

Now, onto the guest bedroom, this place was looking good, but it also needed some curtains. I hung these in November, but thought I'd give them a shout out. It took me a while to settle on something for this room too. I wanted something with pattern here, but I didn't like the all-over-patterns that I saw. Then one day it hit me, I love our shower curtain! It's a cotton-blend curtain from Ikea with a flower silhouette pattern that goes half-way up the panel. Unfortunately I can't find it on their site and my sub par pictures don't show you their full glory, but I love these curtains. Bonus ~ the curtains were $10 each, so buying a set was much cheaper than most of the window-curtain options out there!

Here's a close-up of the pattern::

And the full she-bang::
I slid the curtain rod through the holes that were already in the curtain, and I love the folds this creates when the curtains are open, but if your curtain rod is really wide, it may be too big for the small button holes in many shower curtains.

Next up, we tackle coats...

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