Monday, February 20, 2012

And yes, we knit

A new sweater is on the needles. This is the Fuse sweater from Wool People, Volume 2. I really love the collections of garments and designers brought together in this work. And, I particularly love the good, hearty wools that are used. They are all designed using Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter wool; I didn't have any on hand, but I did have a sweater's worth of Carodan Farm's worsted weight, which I find to be a great substitute. After my success with the purple Aidez sweater (also Carodan farm yarn), I decided that I'd go out on a limb again and add more color to my closet. This is their peach color-way, and the second photo below is a truer representation than the first.

So far this sweater has been fun to knit. You begin by casting on 16 stitches, and knitting back and forth, making a long strip that becomes the lower edge of the sweater:: You then go back along the length of that strip to pick up the stitches for body of the cardigan. This is a sweater-knitting-puzzle at its finest. But my favorite part? The sweater is seamless!

I've knit the body from the bottom up to where I have to attach the arms {photo below}. I'm now knitting the arms {two at a time on circular needles, so that they match exactly}. Once the sleeves are long enough, they will be attached to the body, and I'll continue knitting the yoke up to the neck. This should make a perfect early-spring cardigan!


lynn said...

Oh my that sounds like fun- very tempting....

Nicole said...

Interesting construction. Hmmm. Now I am itching for a sweater project.