Friday, June 08, 2012

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How great is this screen door? It reminds me of our wedding {almost a year ago now!}, and it makes me want an old farm house with an embroidered screen door.

I'm thinking about the freshly painted white walls in our bathroom, maybe it's a place for this print?

I think the bathroom also needs a plant, something hanging. And maybe I'll add a pop of color with a plant hanger similar to these.

Now that it's flower season in the garden, I'm searching for fun vases, like this!

Isn't this story amazing? 

Did you see the transit of Venus? We picked up our fancy  viewing glasses, and gave it a shot, but thought our viewing was going to be thwarted by the thick blanket of clouds. So we headed home, and decided to sit in a nearby field just in case the sun peaked out, and it did! Around 7:30 on Tuesday, we had a perfect view. 

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