Monday, June 04, 2012

Weekend Update

On Friday we received an email from the local u-pick farm letting us know that strawberry season has begun! So, we woke up early, dressed for the cold {Sarah put on her best eskimo fur}, and headed to the farm.

We picked about seven pounds in that box. Add that to the four quarts my mom picked up, and we spent Sunday evening cooking up a strawberry storm.

Sunday we woke up {at a more reasonable time} and headed into the woods to take the pooch for a walk. It was a surprise to see that the mountain laurel was in full bloom! This is the first time I've ever seen it in all its glory, and I finally realize why it's the state flower. Other than rhododendrons, I've never seen a native flower this explosive in the PA woods.

After our walk it was off to Elk Creek for brunch and the beer sampler {then it was home for an afternoon nap!}

Coming up this week : some strawberry recipes, a look at the garden, and a peek inside our farm share box.

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