Friday, June 22, 2012

Link On

Seriously, we're loving summer around these parts.

I bought a gallon of lemon aid {how did that get in there?} lemonade for making my version of a Radler {half beer half lemonade, my version because in Germany they use lemon soda}. It's been my go-to drink after an evening of garden work and runs with the pooch. Although, in the afternoon when it's too early for a beer, I've been drinking Arnold Palmers after catching this post.

I love it when people put some effort into their Craigslist post, like this... and I now say things from Fixie's perspective.

Have I mentioned Tattly here? They are temporary tattoos with great designs. I think I need the vegetable set ASAP.

How great is this nasturtium fabric? I planted a pot of nasturtiums on the deck last summer and they flourished. It made me realize that I had to make them a staple of the summer deck. Now we have two pots.

Finally, how awesome are the hexagon pieces by Moonlight for Violet? I remember looking for simple hexagon pieces to give and wear for our wedding last year. These would have been perfect!

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sarah said...

There's a sale on the cute earrings, buy 3 and get twenty percent off. we should do it!