Monday, June 04, 2007

Love Home, but ready to ~~ Hit The Road!!

Ahh, we've had a great few days at home. I can never get enough of the place at this time of year ~~ The garden's in full bloom. The air smells sweet. The days are long. And there's always a seat on the deck. The pictures below are just a snippet of our week enjoying the view as we prepared for our trip. ~A clean ride!~


We hit the road tomorrow evening. There's just a short to-do list to be completed and a graduation ceremony to attend, then we're off! This is going to be a month-long trip that starts in PA and will end in CA. We're torn between being super-planners and taking it a day (or town) at a time, but we have a general itinerary:

-Drive southwest through Virginia to the Smoky Mountains. We might spend a few nights camping in the Smokies.

-Head to Mexico through Laredo and end up on the west coast of Mexico where we can relax in some coastal towns. Eat lots of beans and soak up the sun.

-Point the van north and enter the southwestern US through Arizona or New Mexico. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS TRICKY ~~ how to spend our time in the Southwest? There are so many parks that I would love to visit. Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, and on and on. Any suggestions?

-Finally, some visits to fam in Colorado and on to Berkeley!! woohoo!

With so much time, we know we can take it easy. We have the van packed with a few games, magazines, books, and of course, yarn! I'm hoping to finish my sweaters for Soph and then start a new one for me. Although ~ I've had the craving to make some socks, so the first nice yarn store I hit may get some business.

The blog will be full of pics and stories as we travel. Stay tuned and share any travel suggestions you may have!*

mmmmmmmmm ~ a LOT of strawberries and fresh lettuce was had by all. We were lucky if the strawberries even made it from the garden to the house ;-).

We also took a break from research and packing to hang out at the local amusement park. Most of our time was spent in the pool and on the waterslides.

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Nicole said...

Hope you're having loads of fun!!!!

We're missing you two already :(