Sunday, June 10, 2007

Road Trip Update #2 - Pictures!

Hello from Nashville!

This post is just pictures from the day we left until now. And ~ it starts with crafts! Before we left we decided that we wanted to ~pimp our ride~. It started with a thorough cleaning, some major organization, and some NEW CURTAINS!:

I definitely have a lot to learn in the sewing department. For example ~ this project taught me how to thread the bobbin. Yes it's simple, but not knowing how has stopped me from starting and completing other projects. I love how productive sewing can feel ~~ just half a day and I had curtains for the whole van! I can definitely see more sewing in my future.

In other crafting news, after two-hours of driving with a leaky window, we realized that yarn makes a great seal. A picture of this to come.

We've been lucky to have great weather on our trip, which allowed us to get out on a couple of long hikes!

We spent our first night in northern Virginia camping in the George Washington National Forest. Our first hike was a six-mile jaunt that led us past the Elizabeth Furnace where they used to make pig-iron (i think for the revolutionary war). Here's a picture of the furnace:

After the stay in VA, we drove down I-81 to the Smoky Mountains. Our second hike was a bit more ambitious ~~ a 13 mile loop up Mount LeConte and past a couple of waterfalls!

On top of Mount LeConte is a hike-in lodge. We didn't stay, but it looked like a great place. It had a central dining room and little cabins that were the rooms. If you're heading to LeConte beware - we hear that reservations for the lodge fill up a year in advance!

Now we're off to Memphis and making our way west.

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