Friday, June 15, 2007

Road Trip Update #4

Me and O'Keeffe ~ in the last post, I spelled Georgia O'Keeffe's last name wrong (with one f instead of two). While at her museum, I picked up a biography by Laurie Lisle, and there on page 36 I found out that Georgia was a bad speller and had to take the high school spelling test 6 times before passing it. According to Lisle, "Spelling was to be (Georgia's) bete noire all her life." Well, hopefully she would have laughed at my misspelling her name.

Since my last post, we spent a fun (but rainy) day in Santa Fe, climbed through some cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, camped at a beautiful site in Utah, and then hung out in and around Moab. Now the road trip winds down as we spend the next week relaxing and getting back into work mode in Aspen.

Here are some shots from the road:

Our day in Santa Fe was overcast and rainy, but we stayed dry dashing in and out of museums, galleries, and the spa...

The spa ~ 10,000 Waves is a Japanese Spa in the hills right outside of Santa Fe. We relaxed in their communal pools (hot, cold/frigid, and a sauna). It was a great way to spend the afternoon relaxing after a week of sitting in the car!

After Santa Fe, we camped in Colorado near Mesa Verde.

The area around Mesa Verde has been caught in three forest fires since 2000. As a result, most of the pines and juniper are gone, but starting to grow back. All of the fires were the result of lightening strikes.

After Mesa Verde, we drove to Utah to check out Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, both on the outskirts of Moab. We camped in a park on the south side of the city and were surrounded by beautiful views of the rocks and hills. This picture was taken a couple miles from our site as we explored the area:

Here are some other pictures from the area around Moab:

In other news, there's still snow on Aspen Mountain! I'm off for a short run around town.

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mames said...

hi katie...i love your trip documentation. tim and i hit up moab, etc a few years ago, loved it but i had giardia from a previous trip to zion natl park and had to get treated in town. haha, travel woes. i will have to check in regularly and live vicariously for the time being...have fun in berkeley and with the rest of your trip. cheers