Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Road Trip Update #3

Hello from Santa Fe, NM! Home of Ms. Georgia O'Keefe.

The cool thing about Santa Fe is that it is full of artists. This makes for some interesting cafe conversations. For example - sitting next to our table are two guys that have not seen each other in a few years. This is their conversation:

guy1:: where have you been?
guy2:: oh you know, doing the art thing in dallas, san francisco...
guy1:: the usual route.
guy2:: yep
guy1:: so what are you up to?
guy2:: playing a lot of music and showing my art.
guy1:: what's your art?

guy2:: i burn images on toast.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled post:
We had a record couple of days of driving ~ passing through Arkansas, Oklahoma, the top of Texas, and landing in Northwestern New Mexico.

Before leaving Tennessee, we stopped in Memphis for catfish. We had a great dinner at the Flying Fish. I highly recommend it to everyone passing through. I had their grilled catfish platter which included grilled veggies and rice & beans. C had some large basket of fried goodies - shrimp, catfish, oysters, fries, and hush puppies. Needless to say, we crossed the Mississippi with full stomachs and smiles.

We also saw this license plate in Memphis. I wonder how often it's been stolen?

We camped in the Ozarks:

Chased storm clouds across Oklahoma:

Saw a field of wind turbines:

And we woke up to the reds and browns of the Southwest!

In knitting news ~ I realized that a camping stuff sack makes a GREAT project bag. This sack is big enough to fit one to two balls of yarn plus the project I'm working on. It keeps everything free of dust and helps to keep clutter down in the car.

And my current project? Shedir from the Knitty Fall 04 surprise. Just a fun, creative project that's small enough to work on in the car.

~and we're off

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Nicole said...

i LOVE this post!
i laughed so hard Soph just about rolled off my lap when i read the small sign under the Flying Fish sign that says "Wholesale Ladies Ready to Wear"....

maybe it's just me...but that is some funny shit!

your posts make me even more jealous that we're not tucked into the back of the VDubya....btw..the curtains are great! you'll be on a sewing kick when you get to Cali. and i'm SURE that there are some pretty awesome thrift stores out there just hiding away some pillowcases. They're begging to be made into skirts!