Monday, June 25, 2007

Road Trip Update #5

We're here!! I'm hanging out in Berkeley, land of free wireless ;-). Seriously, first there's wireless in our co-op, then there's wireless in the pizza place where I had lunch, then there's wireless in the cafe where I'm sitting now. I'm sure there's probably wireless in the gym, yoga studio and yarn shops! haha, I'm kidding, but you never know!

Speaking of yoga and yarn and all things fun. I've begun to explore Berkeley online ~ finding all of the fun places I want to check out and hand out while I'm here. I realized that the perfect way to find all of my destinations is to make a Google Map! Have you tried this yet? Go to, then click on "my maps". You can use this site to make a personalized map. As soon as I have one with all of the fun spots in Berkeley on it, I'll share it with you!

We had a fun time making a "possibilities" map for our road trip and it really helped us with the planning. We plotted all of the possible sites that we wanted to visit and then we picked a route which made the most sense for our time and interests. I'll share that map too when I have a chance!

Speaking of sharing, I have more pictures to share, but they're on my other computer. That is not my NEW fantabulous macbook which arrived in the mail on Friday!

In knitting news, I've started Sarcelle (I'll link to it later). It's a fun, creative shawl, but I'm making a smaller, scarf version!

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