Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spring Babies

Before my story, here's a few fun knitting tid-bits:

June 9th is international knit-out day! I don't know where I'll be, maybe Virginia, Tennessee, or Texas? Wherever we are, I'll be knitting out:-D

Check out what Brooklyn Tweed is up to. I'm excited to see the results.

And, non-knitting, but so great ~~ check out this baby sun dress. love it.

As you know, a great friend had a baby just under a month ago (it's hard to believe a month with Sophia has passed!). Anyway, after I finished Glee, I wanted a short and easy, but creative knitting project before I start another large sweater. Of course, I decided that the only person I could knit something quick and easy for would be Soph. This sweater was going to involve a bit of experimenting...

Since summer has arrived, I decided that a sweater knit out of cotton would be perfect. I've never knit with cotton before and was excited to try it out, especially since some of my favorite store-bought sweaters are cotton. In this case, it would be a great fiber for wearing on cool summer nights or after a splash in water, be in pool, ocean, or bath.

Standing in front of the cotton display at Loop, I decided to do a light green and pink combo. Once I got the cotton home, I went to work on design. I decided to do a top-down cardigan with green being the main color and pink providing the accent. Although, instead of boring stripes, I wanted to try an intarsia design, and I wanted it to be cool. Like tattoo cool. After browsing some stencil sites for ideas, I decided to do a bird on a wire, so I used excel to plot out my design. I got to work and after completing just the head I realized that I had made a mistake. This wasn't tattoo cool. This was Hawaiian shirt, touristy, cheesy. See for yourself. and feel free to laugh:-).

Anyway, after consulting the mom, and getting a belly-laugh from her, we decided not to frog the sweater. We have to make the babies wear silly clothes before they get old enough to say no!

I haven't finished the sleeves yet, and there will be just one button used for a closure at the top of the cardigan.

Because my first experiment was so so blah, I decided to stop back in Loop, pick up some lovely, chocolaty brown cotton and work on just one more baby sweater. This one will be much cooler, with a more creative design.

In other spring baby news, look what's growing on the farm:

Now. research.

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Nicole said...

i am SO glad that you didn't frog it. this morning i was thinking what a perfect day today would be for this sweater!

just think...after she grows out of it we can frame it or something. she'll be talking about it to her therapist when she's 20. awesome!