Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

For the next two weeks this place is mine all mine!
I think the view from the back is even cuter. It's a one-room cabin in a PA state park, and I'm renting it for the next two weeks until I can move into my real digs...

I wish I could hitch this cabin to the back of the car and take it with me! It's so much fun to come home to this little space, and it's even more fun when I successfully start the fire! Here's some proof of last night's success: Once the fire's lit and my dinner is cooked, I cozy up to the hearth and don't move until bedtime. There's no internet or cell access, so before I leave work, I remember to download a few podcasts to listen to while I knit.

Since the evenings are so dark, I'm going to try to fit a few hikes in the morning before work. This morning I explored the trails closest to my cabin and ventured down to the large bog/marsh/lake::
One thing I love about winter hiking is the open canopy. If you can't have the warm weather, having the bright morning sun shining down makes for a fantastic walk.

Fun fact : this bog is home to Pennsylvania's three carnivorous plants, the pitcherplant, the sundew, and the bladderwort!

And my fingers are crossed that no one eats these guys before I get to them tomorrow:: They're teaberries! I saw them today and thought they might be the real deal, but I didn't want to eat them until I was sure.


kristin said...

looks like you're having a great time, are you sure you brought enough yarn? I am totally envious of your morning hikes, have fun!

Siga said...

That house is ├╝ber-cute. Love it.