Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend at the Mosh'

Lovely readers, I ate Cranberries. Not dried cranberries, not cranberries from the frozen food section, but real, straight from the bush cranberries! It was my first time ever, *ever*, finding wild cranberries. As a result, it was also my first time picking and eating fresh cranberries. For those few minutes, I was in heaven.
This moment of joy happened on a day-long hike with my pop. Our trek took us over, around, and through the bog, marsh, and forest ecosystems bordering the lake.
Finding the cranberries was a stroke of luck. We had stopped to take some pictures when I noticed some red berries among the dried grasses. It only took a second to recognize the distinct berries, and just one more second to pop one in my mouth and confirm my find. Please note ~ I'm usually not so willing to "pop" a wild berry in my mouth, but I was 100% confident in my find... that said, Pop was slightly more timid. I don't blame him, earlier in the day we thought we came upon a patch of teaberries, but were mistaken... which we realized after sampling and immediately spitting out the impostors. Although the "teaseberries" seemed harmless, pop thinks we may not make it through the week. {If I don't post anything by Wednesday, assume that the berry got me!} But in all seriousness, we're fine, and I promise not to eat any more berries from the mosh unless they're easily identifiable.

Now, back to the cranberries. A big event next week is going to leave no time for pre-Thanksgiving cranberry picking, but check back in next year around this time, and I promise to take you along as I pick enough berries for some Thanksgiving cranberry sauce!

And almost just as exciting as the berries. I woke up to this beautiful foggy-scene outside the cabin.

... and the scene from the road as I drove to work.

Happy Monday*

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beautiful photos Katie