Friday, November 05, 2010

This is it!

I just have to make it through one more day of work {which is hard when there's this much excitement in the air!}. After work I'm packing a few more things in the car and taking off for PA and more adventures before things finally {finally!} settle down... ...I know that's a joke, things aren't going to settle down for a long while!

My to-do lists are growing by the day. There's the moving, beginning work at a new school, wedding planning, holiday shopping, holiday crafting, etc. so you'll have to excuse the sporadic posting on this blog. Click over to Tumblr to see a few pics from my last days in Boston, including the one above. It was taken last night after I met up with my roommates where we bought enough yarn for a couple of sweaters {you'll see these results soon, I promise!}, then I took a quiet walk through Boston Common by myself before eating one last meal at Wagamama. A perfect last evening to end this crazy, hectic, and sometimes less-than-perfect adventure in Boston.

ps. Did I mention the cabin? There's going to be a cabin and I'm so excited for a few evenings knitting by the cabin's wood stove. That's perfection.

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Seraphina Firenze said...

OMG!!!! It's just like the cabin from hell. Years ago, we and the in-laws spent a week near Wellsboro in a "Rustic State Park Cabin". Generalisimo sister-in-law in charge had just gone veggan. We were so sick of beans and cabbage, cabbage and beans that we staged a revolt when we happened to go into neighboring Wellsboro for more supplies. We split into two groups, (the veggan and other sister-in -law and the rest of us) and invaded the local diner for greasy hamburgers and curly fries. Sated and much less grumpy, we headed back to the cabin from hell (no running water, bathroom and showers a quarter mile hike away, indoor bats and four dead mice perculating in the kitchen stove, which hubby and I slept by on inflatable, but leaky air mattresses)for some covert libations (frowned upon by Ricky the Ranger). Oh, and pumping up those matresses, after a few beers, was nothing short of Ethal and Lucy at the controls. But we did have a good time, even though it was the hottest August on record, the windows in the cabin didn't open, rickety screen door, with skunks roaming about at night, and did I mention the insect Kamikazes? Never mind. Anyway, I'm glag Dr Sweet Pea is finally home in PA. And by the way, what color in pottery are you partial to, lime green, white, black or combo of two? I have my reasons.