Friday, November 26, 2010

A new phase of Winterfoliage!

Hold on to your pants folks, things are about to get a whole lot more homely here at Winterfoliage. Why? Let me introduce you to the new homestead! It was so hard keeping this project under wraps! And now you can understand why crafting has been so. extremely. slow. With everything we owned boxed up and stored it was hard to find two knitting needles to rub together let alone a matching skein of yarn. Holy cow, I had to spend two weeks in a cabin just to create a diversion from my lack of crafty content. Did it work?

Things are about to pick up ~ not only do I have my very own craft room, I have a whole file of new home-related craft projects waiting in the wings! Fortunately for us, the house itself requires no work, so our focus will just be on the finishing touches :: sewing curtains and pillows, turning some of pictures into wall art, etc. Oh, and we've inherited a whole pile of old furniture, so there will be many projects revolving around refinishing some of these pieces. As a result, my internet browsing has transitioned from weddings to houses; I've added a short list of some favorite design-related blogs at the top of the left side-bar.

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the gardening. This place comes with a plethora of winter {and spring, summer, and fall} foliage! The first year in the yard is going to involve both a bit of research and trial and error, and I'm hoping to share much of it here. Wow, I'm still in shock at our luck. We have so much to be excited about and thankful for, and I hope you do too!

Stay tuned*

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