Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I know what you're all thinking...

When will there finally be another Springsteen song posted for Wednesday Soundtrack? No? Is that just me wondering when, oh when, has enough time passed so that I can finally post another song from Bruce?

Ok, seriously, I'm sure it's more like this when you stop by:: When will there finally be more knitting on this stinking "craft" blog? Well, your wait is over.It's a pentagon of owls! I LOVE this sweater. Loved it the first time I knit it, and love it even more now. Plus ~ how awesome does the green sweater look with my hunter-orange hat? Fantastic. ! Unfortunately, I've lost my knack {or maybe I never had it?} for taking FO photos. I may need to call upon Sarah this weekend. Fortunately, I'm sure I won't take off the sweater, so there will be plenty of photo opps. I'll give you the full project details when I get the better pics.

Now, click here to enjoy some old-school, but newly released Bruce.

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Nicole said...

Glad you made it to Wednesday! I love the sweater.