Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Best Reason

This is exactly why I wanted a dog:: I've seen this mossy stone wall three times in the past week and each time it puts a bit smile on my face.

I know that I'm so much happier when I spend a bit of time outside every day, whether it's warm with sunny skies, below freezing and snowing, or in the fifties and foggy. With my job in front of the computer and so many fun inside hobbies to keep me busy, it's so easy to let the days pass by without really getting outside. I knew that if we got a dog, priorities would shift in the right direction so that even when I'm working under a tight Saturday deadline, I would find the hour required to take the pooch on a good long walk. That was the exact situation yesterday when we slipped out to go for a hike.

And at the very end of our walk, around the bend in the road, we saw this roly-poly little baby bear::Of course, we kept our distance so as not to upset any momma bears waiting in the wings. We just stopped and watched. I thanked Cash for reminding me that the woods were waiting, and he was pumped that I knew how to drive the car.

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