Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bedroom Art

First a confession :: most of last week month our bedroom looked like a tornado hit. Once we clean the place up, it looks too bare to me, but then I remember that this is what we were going for; a room that's quiet and calm, not full of clutter. Of course it will probably be covered in clothes and soon as the laundry's done, but for now I'll present the illusion of the clean, calm bedroom that we're enjoying this week.

I introduced you to our bedroom over a year ago, and since then I'm happy to say that it's come a long way! In that post, there was no art on the walls, broken handles on our dressers, no side tables, or plants, or curtains... In October I gave you a snapshot of the colors and textures we were adding to the room. Then came the curtain project. And now, FINALLY, with the addition of one more piece of homemade art, the room is done. So I'm going to drag us all through the bedroom one more time {since I have a record of the "before" on the blog, I thought it was worth it to do an "after" post}, and at the end you'll see our new art.

These flower knobs {picked up at Anthropology on sale} were added to the dressers::

Buying them was easy. Actually putting them on all the drawers took about 3 months because I needed a hacksaw to cut off the extra long screws so that they wouldn't catch on our clothes inside.

Above the bed we added the Mandal headboard from Ikea, which was made for our space::

I like how well it works with our Japanese-style bed, filling up some of that large, white wall. The headboard comes with six shelves, but we're just using three ~ two on my side because I hoard books and knitting by the bed {notice the basket under my shelves for the overflow of yarn}, and one on C's side for his phone, which is where he stores all of his books! The photos make it look like we've pushed the plant into the corner, but it's actually away from the walls by a couple of inches.

Above the bed is a photograph of the moon that my sister Sarah took while we were on vacation in Germany. She took the photograph from the window of a cute hotel in Garmisch, where they served the best German breakfasts, and the hotel owner would dote over his baby grandson. Garmisch is near Zugspitze, the highest peak in the country, so the day after arriving we took the cable car to the top and stared in awe at the scale of those mountains. While waiting for the cable car, I saw a knitted hat that was simply made, but different from my plain-jane hats ~ it was wide segments of stockinette and reverse stockinette in bright colors. There was a little yarn shop just two doors down from our hotel, so that evening Sarah and I stopped in and I picked up the yarn to knit the hat I'm wearing in this post. At this point in our trip we had driven hundreds of miles, visited a handful of cities and their Christmas markets, braved the exceptionally cold weather, and were exhausted yet happy. So when we got home I had the photo printed on canvas, and hung the moon over our bed.

From the bedroom door, you can see the taller dresser with its knobs, a little seating area, and the Matilda curtains::

 I modified the curtains by cutting off the hanging loops and replacing them with a panel of patterned fabric::
The curtain fabric matches the dresser knobs which also match our octopus pillows. I was going for the same, but different {or "same same" but different, as they say in Thailand}. What do you think? Good? or Make you want to throw up?

And now, the big reveal ::
We needed a large piece of artwork to hang over our low dresser. Unfortunately, we have those large, ugly air return vents on our wall, so rather than centering the art over our dresser, we have it hung to the right to cover the vents. I've thought about adding something tall to the left side of the dresser {reeds in a vase?} to balance things out, but since the layout isn't driving us crazy, I may just leave well enough alone rather than have to explain why we have a "vase of sticks" on the dresser.

For a few months, we had just had the blank piece of cotton fabric hanging on the wall while I thought about what should go there. I knew I wanted to keep it simple, preferably just using one or two colors on the fabric. Every once in a while I would toss out an idea to Calder. What about "word art"? Here's one example and another. He didn't love the idea and I couldn't think of something that I would absolutely want to read every day {although, I do have an idea for a piece of word art for our entryway}. Then one evening I drafted a few flower images and tossed them out for C's review. He really liked the queen anne's lace, which was great because I can't get enough of the flower myself! So I took down our blank canvas and got to work.

The icing on the cake? This large piece of art cost just $10! I picked up the fabric for $7 with the help of a Joann's coupon, and taking an idea from this post, I used a $3 bottle of shoe polish as the paint!

What do you think? I'm loving it and want to make more!

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Annie said...

Love this! Especially the yellow duvet! Where did you get it?