Thursday, April 19, 2012

Link On

{Purple pinecones from yesterday's walk!}

I've had the urge to paint a paint by number kit for a while now. Patiently, every time I come across kits I look for one that I would want to paint and hang on our wall. Nothing has struck my fancy until now :: Target's going to put out a line of art supplies in May that include Charlie Harper paint by number kits! I already have a few Charlie Harper prints hanging in our house, so this would be a great addition. Knowing the way these hyped-up Target releases go, I have my fingers crossed that these won't sell out in seconds.

How amazing is this hotel in Mexico?

After I saw that hotel, I happened to catch this post from Mexico, and now I'm itching to go.

Look at this Easter feast. C and I love lamb, so I may try that recipe over the weekend.

Have you heard of Cain's Arcade? and watched the video? It's worth your time and will bring a smile to your Friday. {I heard about the video on Monday and have since seen it links and references to it throughout the week, so this may be old news by now.}

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