Friday, April 06, 2012

Link On

This post has me wanting a jean jacket, but my concious says no. What do you think?

Remember learning to diagram sentences? While I couldn't spell the words to save my life, diagramming was a puzzle that made sense.

 I'm loving this idea for a garden path.

 C's been calling me "tock". He comes up with all sorts of nicknames, so I was just going along with this one and didn't realize until he told me that it was because my $3 watch ticks and tocks, as if I'm the crocodile in Peter Pan.

 I made these lemon squares yesterday. They were so quick and easy {and devoured by everyone} that I think they'll enter the regular rotation of treats this summer.

 I'm so close to making my own shrub. After Nik introduced me to it a few years ago, I've been hooked. Last year, I found some locally made shrub at Tait Farm. I just used up those bottles and am thinking it's time to make my own. Here's a nice and simple recipe.

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lynn said...

Can't believe I've never heard of shrub- can't wait to try it- thanks for the link!