Monday, November 13, 2006

as promised!

The Shining Star hat!

first stitch - approximately 12 pm
last stitch - approximately 12:35 am

Yarn - Elsebeth Lavold, angora - bronzed green color (i lost the label for the blue color)

and between stitches I graded 30 papers and quizes, tried to go to the gym (it was closed), ate, ate again, did one sun salutation.

This is a picture of the top of the "baby" version I knit yesterday - just to show you the great view all tall people will get looking down on my head.

This picture is thrown in for your amusement - doesn't it look like I have no neck... or that I glued my head onto another picture?! hehe

I just really wanted to complete a fun project for myself. And the weather took a turn for the cooler side today which really motivated me to get this done so that it could be worn to school tomorrow!

I'm happy with it, although I'm wondering whether ending it with a row of a contrasting color was a good idea. Any thoughts?

*warning - as mentioned in my last post, for some reason, this hat knits big. at least for me. Again I used the kneedles called for (US 7), and the propper yarn, and I knit the "Toddler" size. (I think there are 5 different sizes from baby to large adult) Anyway, this one turned out perfect for me, but I have to do some serious adjusting to make the baby versions.

Ok, now that knitting something fun for me has been accomplished, I have to be a serious student this week. Which means minimal knitting Mon-Wed, serious knitting with friends on Thursday, and then we'll see what next weekend brings.

Next Project - the leather-bottomed slippers from Weekend Knitting!

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Nicole said...

that pic of you is PERFECT! lol. what a great hat. and i like the blue edging. maybe one day when i grow up i'll be as productive as you with your craft!