Wednesday, November 01, 2006

so much life going on!

I have so many fun things going on and I want to write an entry about each, but I may just have to do the condenced version until I have more time!

First - I had a great trip to England! We stayed in the Peak District right outside of Sheffield. For the first few days we were in a "self catering" cottage surrounded by beautiful landscapes and fields upon fields of sheep. I was in wool heaven. With that many sheep, I thought it'd be easy to find some local, handspun wool. Unfortunately there was none to be found - they raise the sheep for the meat, not the wool. We had plenty of deliscious meals of lamb... lamb chops, lamb shank.... yum yum.

The wedding was beautiful! It took place in these huge teepee*. One half of the tent had a fireplace surrounded by benches and tables, the other half had the dancefloor and stage. It was an amazing wedding and if I get a chance, I'll give more of the fun details later.

Finally - Happy Halloween! We had a fun bowling and costume party last night at the Milky Way:

It's also the end of Socktoberfest! I have some fun sock projects I've been working on and I'll try to get a few pics up soon.

Now on to November and more fun, deliscious, harvest-y foods!

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