Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh baby, baby!

First - I found out that two of my friends are expecting babies! Both due in May. I'm so excited and happy for both of them. And this means that I'll have plenty of baby projects (caps, blankets, and sweaters, oh my.) - after I finish with the Christmas presents!

I just finished a HUGE stat midterm, which I've been working on for the past week. So, I haven't made much progress on any of the projects I'm working on, but I did participate in a craft fair on Sunday!

...which was a total DUD. There were plenty of crafters, but no customers. The few that were there were not interested in buying. While the craft fair itself was a dud, I had a great time preparing for it and hanging out with my mom, sister, and best bud Nikki (one of the expectant mothers!). Our table was full of Nik's crocheted goodies, my sister's jewelry, and my knitted bags and stockings. Check out the cute crocheted baby kimonos in the picture. Nikki also had a great collection of scarves, hats, and bags.... now all she needs is her own blog:-).

I was excited to finish a pile of cosmetic bags in time for the show and am going to post a few on Etsy. I'd like to work on adding linings to some of the bags, but that may be a project for the spring.

The weather was beautiful this weekend and I took a few more "winter foliage" pics...

Now I just have to catch up on school work and enjoy a few free hours of knitting before the next stat exam!

ps. we know that our table looks a bit busy, but what can you do when you have so much great stuff and a tiny table?!


Nicole said...

1. i love staying up late talking about crafting, the "old days" and laughing at how ugly our graduating classes were/are.

2. the craft fair totally sucked (!) but it was a great opportunity to get out and hang out

3. you, Ann and Pop were BY FAR the most fun people to tell about Baby Schwartz

4. i still have your mom's tire pics cd in my computer !!

5. thanks for opening my eyes to "throw jews down the well." i can't wait for my friends next shabbat dinner!!

sarah said...

you guys were too cool for that craft fair