Friday, November 10, 2006

knitting along and alone...

Last night was a very productive knitting night while I watched Grey's Anatomy. Unfortunately, it was spent alone. Usually I get together with a group of friends to knit and watch Grey's. Last night, my car was stuck in the driveway behind my roommate's car - and neither he nor his key were home, so I couldn't get out!

Since I was home around all of my knitting supplies, I got quite a bit done:

1. Finished two pairs of socks that are Christmas presents:

These are the Diamente Socks from Knitty. This pattern was easy enough to do without being boring.

These aren't from a pattern, I just made them up as I went along. The one thing I might change in the future would be to have the cable go up the full length of the sock (right now it's only on the foot). Although, the person receiving these socks prefers simple designs, so I think these will work just fine!

2. Worked on some baby "workman's" socks:

How big are baby's feet?! I don't have a clue, but these socks are so quick and easy to make that I'll just have to make a few pair in different sizes. The smaller sock is almost definitely too small for a baby, but will make a great christmas ornament for the tree. The larger sock to the right seems just about perfect for a small foot, plus it's super stretchy, so it should conform to a variety of lengths and widths (I hope).

After finishing off the two pairs of socks, I only have one project in progress - a scarf which is another christmas present. This means that it's time to start something new today!! Maybe something for myself... maybe a cashmere star hat?

Yummy food tip of the day: This morning I ate my cereal with blueberries and POMEGRANET SEEDS! try it.

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Nicole said...

oooh. i read your posting and decided to make some vegan banana and chocolate chip bread. not that cereal with blueberries and pom seeds has ANYTHING to do with bananas and chocolate...but i was in the Schu Baking-with-the-shit-you-have-at-home mood.

it smells great...but still have 16 minutes left to bake. if it's good i'll make some for the holidays and share the wealth.