Saturday, November 25, 2006

Homework Break

I'm still on vacation in PA. yay! But I'm doing homework - no yay. So, for this little homework break, all I can do is talk about what I'm working on because I can't find my camera cable (I think that I never brought it with me).

Anyway, I have a GREAT pair of falling leaves socks on my needles. The pattern is from Knitty. They're another Christmas present. I'm using a new yarn from Montana (I'll tell you the name when I post a picture), and I love it. The colors are deep reds, oranges, and browns. Perfect colors for falling leaves. To add some contrast, I'm doing the toe and heal in green. Writing about them makes me want to put down my homework and start knitting! but... I won't.

Over the holiday I also made some delicious homemade ice cream - one batch of cinnamon and one batch of peach. yum. I have a fun holiday food tip - add eggnog to your coffee. It's super tastey. And if you're not into eggnog, then add rum to your apple cider. Either way, you win.

And since I'm not a fan of posts without pictures, go plant some pansies in a kettle:

Pansies are great fall/early spring flowers. If your winters aren't too cold, then the flowers you plant in the fall will pop back up again in the spring! These were some that I had planted last fall and they looked great in this old cast iron kettle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nicole said...

alright, so i'm sitting here in Kansas City International Airport watching this silly weirdo get arrested for trying to bring a .45 caliber handgun in his carry on....i'm thinking "only in a flight from Kansas to Philly..." i can hardly keep myself from laughing because i'm the only one here at this gate to watch and the guy is swearing that he didn't know that it was in there...and that, of course he has a permit to carry's just not with him...and he is REALLY suprised that they cuffed him and that he's being arrested. ah, so, to distract myself i pull out the MacBook and read your blog...AND now the only thing that this PREGNANT AIRLINE PASSANGER WANTS IS SOME OF YOUR PEACH ICE CREAM!!!!

oh, those were the days...taking turns cranking that wooden ice cream machine with barefeet and giggling siblings watching on in delighted anticipation...your dad laughing and enjoying a cold Lager. OOHhhh...childhood memories!