Sunday, July 22, 2007

All the news...

I have so many little updates. Here's the news that fits:


The plates shifted early Friday morning around 4:40 am!! It woke us both up, and I was convinced it was an earthquake (because with my east cost experience I know what an earthquake feels like!). C on the other hand convinced me that it wasn't an earthquake and that "someone just fell down the stairs". So we went back to sleep. We didn't listen to the news on Friday, but when I turned on NPR this morning they were talking about earthquake preparedness and that's when I decided to do some investigating. I survived my first earthquake!

We had a busy night of fun yesterday. It started with a series of short comedies at a local theater (in the bottom of LaVal's ~ a pizza place!). The underlying them of the comedies was the seven deadly sins and between acts we were entertained by burlesque dancers.
*This is the other pizza place.

After the show, we stopped by another pizza place, Fat Slice, for some pesto pizza. Then we were off to Moe's Books on Telegraph Ave for the Harry Potter release! I'm not a reader of the series (though I want to know what happens!). So while C waited in line for a copy of the book, I did some shopping of my own and picked up some more summer reading.

The bookstore was packed with a lot of muggles, a couple of witches, and at least one blind Harry Potter by the end of the night.

**Notice in the picture above that you only see the cover of the Harry Potter book, that's because it was taken off immediately so someone could do some "serious Harry reading". hehe

Walkin' on Sunshine
...or rather, walking super comfy foam in my new Crocs!

These are the Prima style and I love them! Easy to slip on and slip off, perfect for walking around town. It was a mission and a half to track these suckers down. The Crocs website is sold out, and so are most of the stores I visited in San Fran. Just by luck I walked into a shoe store in Marin and they mentioned that a Macy's at a nearby mall had some in stock. So I called up the Macy's and reserved a pair and was in the car the car the next day! It's lucky I called because they only had one more pair in my size - seriously - these puppies are hot.

And Knitting!
I finished C's hat and it fits (both me and him)!

Yarn ~ Malabrigo Aquarella (the thicker stuff) & Colinette Parisienne (the thin blue stuff)

Needles ~ Daisy 8 mm double pointed (I love the colors of the Daisy needles!)

I did this hat from the top down because I was tired of doing the same old bottom up!. The final stitch count was 51. I held the two yarns together the whole way. Sometimes you see more of the blue and sometimes less, but it's a great addition to the Malabrigo. As for length, I just kept knitting until I was out of Malabrigo, and by the end I had only an inch left. Talk about not having a square to spare! Although, I do wish I had enough for a few more rows because I think the hat would be even better a little longer. As for the bind-off, I did the sewn bind-off (I think it's an Elizabeth Zimmerman trick?). It's perfect for the bottom of hats because it's not restrictive and give the end the springy feel you want when slipping it over your head.

Tomorrow's News
We're off to Yosemite for three days of hiking, camping, and fun!

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