Friday, July 20, 2007

Shining Star Sophia!

Here's a little knitting update for you. Last winter I fell in love with Kate Gilbert's Shining Star hat pattern. I wanted to make Shining Stars for anyone and everyone. But I didn't, after a few Shining Stars, I was distracted by other, new exciting patterns. As a result, the only Shining Star I gifted was to little Sophia (I actually gave it to her pregnant momma as part of a Christmas gift because I was so excited!).

Soph was born this May, and after spending a few days with her, we decided to play dress-up. Here's Sophia modeling the Shining Star hat at 4 days old:

And here she is today!:

Wow, what a beautiful, growing baby! And look at the focus in her eyes. And now I'm thinking great...she's wearing the hat in July. Looks like someone is going to get a new, larger shining star for Christmas!!

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Anonymous said...

Little Soph definitely looks like her doubt.
Your mother.