Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some pics from last week.

Before I show more recent pics, here's another shot of Shedir. This one doesn't have the special effects, so you can see the real hat!

As I mentioned, we spent the past week in LA and in a calm, cozy lake house. We were in LA for the 4th and attended a big picnic full of food and games.

I'm pleased to announce that C and I were the CHAMPIONS in the three legged race! We won't brag too much, but we'll just mention that we left our competitors in the dust. Unfortunately, I did not fair as well in the watermelon eating contest:

While at the lake, we did a bit of birthday partying, wind sailing, lake swimming, and book reading.

Back in Berkeley, sunflowers are blooming and I finally had a chance to stop by the Berkeley Farmers Market! My trip to the market was perfect ~ I bought bags of fresh peaches and plums, along with some other veggies and fun stuff:

In other west coast / Berkeley news, how cool is this little glass bottle of apple juice?? I don't think we have this on the east coast.

All the while, I've been working on a new version of Sarcelle with some wool from Article Prac.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I misread pics as pies the first time I read your blog and was wondering if the pie pictures and my earrings went to the same place. Flower pics are great, you should turn them into art for can use Jeff's crate ends for frames. Does the name Martinelli from the juice bottle ring a bell?
Yo Mamma

mames said...

guess we missed you...we are outside l.a. hope you enjoyed your vry warm visit. even up in the sierras it was 95, whew! was th elake in southern california or up by berkeley? pretty pictures, congrats on the three legged win.