Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend in the Sun

Here are some pictures from a weekend spent in the sun. On Saturday we traveled north to San Rafael. C went on a bike ride through Marin Headlands while I strolled around town. On Sunday evening we stopped by the Berkeley Marina, where I went for a run and C strolled around the kite fest!
~Chapel in San Rafael~

~Sites from the Marina~

*Notice the big green monster kite in the background!

~Next up: Knitting~

I've made some serious progress on Sarcelle, but between rows I've found some time to complete a few smaller projects. Plus - I finally exposed myself to the knitting wonder that is Elizabeth Zimmerman. What a lady.

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mames said...

hi katie, good on you for getting into EZ, i recommend the knitting workshop book as an excellent read. are you living in california right now? or do you have the enviable position of extended tripping? (ah, i remember those days). btw: i have the same crocs you photo'd but in ballet pink. love them so.