Sunday, July 01, 2007

Still Chugging away on...

My Shedir hat. I'm hoping to have it done in the next day or so because we've had some chilly evenings here. Although ~ threatens to hold it for ransom until he gets a new hat.

We had a fun couple of evenings. around 10:30 on Friday evening we found out that there was a Cyndi Lauper concert going on just blocks from our place. So we hopped on our bikes and were able to get into the encore for free!! And of course, that's when she played True Colors and Girls Just Want to Have Fun! We have an amazing view. Seriously.

Yesterday we decided to bike up into the Berkeley Hills to check out Anza Lake and the sunset. The bike ride was incredibly strenuous, but we had a great time and the sunset was amazing.

Here's a shot half-way up the hill - do you see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background?

Here's a sunset shot:

THEN we went to a bar where we saw this:

Oops, even though I'm trying to be sneaky, I guess we need flash:

Hilarious!!! It's a mullet and a mohawk!

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