Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Deck is my Stage

I'm spending this spring break at my parents' house in PA! It's a relaxing week in the country, spent knitting, doing research, going for walks, etc. Luckily I planned ahead:

I had an order of knit picks yarn delivered right to their house. The package included yarn for the sunshine sweater:Since the picture was taken, the sweater has GROWN! An update will come later this week.

Yarn for some socks for my mom and pop and some new sock patterns:

Unfortunately the weather's been a bit overcast. I'm hoping for some sunny days to take some better pictures while I'm home.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

looks great. you must have been working on that today as i suffered through my boring training.

hope the weather is nice for your Sister's Day Out.

thanks for a relaxing, fun-filled, dramaless weekend. it was like a mini-vacation and i deeply appreciated ever second of it! (i especially loved Kris's bed!!!)