Thursday, March 08, 2007

On the bus.

I'm working on a new set of charlies. These are for a little girl that's coming along very soon. Just a simple pair of toe-up mini socks in Cherry Tree Hill yarn.
I was working on these puppies on the bus the other day and this happened:
-Nice lady next to me "Ooh, are those toe-up baby socks?"
-Me (excited that she was not only excited about my knitting, but also knew what was going on!), "Yes they are."
-Nice L., "They are so tiny!"
-Me, "Thanks!"

WAIT - who says thanks to that?

I was in automatic conversation mode! I didn't expect her to say "They are so TINY". I expected her to say "They are BEAUTIFUL or LOVELY or CUTE". I'm usually a good listener, but sometimes my mind is doing too many things and I go into auto-pilot for the conversations. oh well. Then I just felt a little silly sitting next to her, but I kept knitting my tiny AND beautiful charlies.

And here's something to challenge your mind: What am I doing in this picture? or What is the final product going to be?!

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Nicole said...

my guess: you're "blocking" a iMac/MacBook Cozy??

i love that i'm not the only one that responds on autopilot. i found myself saying Thank You today when a lady said "I'll see you next week." I realized my screw up right after hanging up the phone..."Thank you??? Thank you??? WTF?"

the socks ARE beautiful!