Monday, March 26, 2007

Glamour Shots --->

of my "goods"!

Yesterday there were blips of sun between the clouds, so I tried to take some pics of my work to post on etsy and another little website (soon to be announced!).

The cosmetic bags are felted wool. I don't follow a pattern, but follow the same general format. All the bags have some combination of colors, some have a planned stripe pattern, while others are more free-form == some big stripes some little. When I first started making them, I didn't line them. In fact, every day I carry around one of the first unlined bags that I made. It's still in amazingly great shape and works just fine without the lining. Although, this past Christmas I wanted to give some as gifts and I thought that opening the bag and seeing a surprise print inside would be fun. After I lined the first bag, I knew there was no going back. So now I'm always scouring my mom's fabric stash when I visit to look for good designs.

The cards in this next shot are my latest creation. The photography is all my own and I attach the pictures with rivets to the cardstock. Pictured below is my signature "Winter Foliage" set!

After the photo shoot, I did some studying at Sweet Finnish, where I snagged this great shot:

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Nicole said...

they look great!
i love the lining materials.

I have some scraps that I'm sending up to you...just in case you see something you like. also, i found some really cool cloth napkins at the local thrift store that make great sewing materials (sturdy material, easy care)...and i bet you have MUCH cooler thrift stores up your way...