Friday, March 16, 2007

Snow Coat?

This is one house that LOVES snow days (what house doesn't?). We're enjoying the day inside, staying warm by the fire while it snows and snows!

Last night my sister's boyfriend brought over this CraZY crocheted coat and we took some 'Vogue model shots' this afternoon. Sarah had a great time posing and the snowy scene was the perfect background:

This shot is great but may not provide the best picture of the coat. The body of the coat is made from granny squares and the collar and cuffs are loops of black and gray yarn.

I don't know if any of us will have the courage to wear this as a serious garment (as opposed to our model photo shoots), but I want to mention that the coat is extremely well made! Someone put a lot of labor into, more labor than I'm ready to invest in knitting a coat!

This afternoon will be full of movies, some sledding, and of course some crafting! I'm going to work on the liners for some cosmetic bags and the sunshine sweater. I'll have an update shot of the sweater soon - it's coming along very well!!

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Nicole said...

did Drew's mom crochet that masterpiece?