Sunday, March 18, 2007

The stuff that happens outside

Sometimes we're manipulating/changing/moving mother nature, sometimes we're playing on her, and sometimes we're just adoring her. Over the past couple of days, I did all three. pssst - I think I'm also trying to rush her along.

We had fun "cleaning up" the snow with the tractor.

Between shoveling and cross country skiing, I took some great winter foliage shots. These may be the last for the year. In fact, I'm hoping they're the last. I'm ready for spring! Ready to start riding my bike to school, to take some long outdoor runs, and to eat fresh, local veggies! I was craving a watermelon today. That must mean that my seasonal cycle is ready to leave winter and move into spring!

Before leaving, I stopped by to visit my knitting grandma. She had a great present for me - some binders full of knitting patterns and techniques. I'll take some pics later this week.

And finally, I had a great, relaxing ride back and captured this sunset in my mirror:

Go outside!

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